Coinoval-Building an international top digital asset trading platform

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Coinoval-Building an international top digital asset trading platform

Coinoval registered in Anguilla in 2018 is a platform focused on the exchange and exchange of blockchain assets. Having been operating steadily for two years, coinoval focuses on related fields such as blockchain technology, digital assets, financial consulting, security protection, etc., and provides one-stop comprehensive services of blockchain technology and digital asset chaining; it is committed to the ever-changing blockchain Technology iteration and secure circulation of digital assets. To provide users with more secure, convenient and intelligent blockchain asset circulation services, aggregate global high-quality blockchain assets, integrate the world's top security technology, and strive to build the world's top blockchain asset international station.


Coinoval is committed to creating a co-construction, sharing, safe and efficient national shareholding digital asset trading platform, which allows more people to participate in the construction and management of coinoval and benefit from it. rule. There is no need to worry about the fairness, transparency and reliability of the platform.

Coinoval has the latest technology architecture and has been cultivating the blockchain for many years to create a top digital asset platform; regular penetration testing and hardware-level encryption to ensure fund security, commercial-grade DDoS business protection; nodes all over the world, services covering most countries and regions around the world; income distribution rules Open and transparent; provide professional financial guidance in real time; select high-quality currencies, and continue to explore wealth opportunities for users!


The core transaction matching engine independently developed by coinoval has an order processing speed of up to 1 million per order per second, and can support more than 10 million users online at the same time. The engineering team of coinoval has carefully designed the main parts of the trading system. This amazing processing speed has been developed while maintaining the stability of the trading system.

Security issues have always been the key point for users to choose digital asset platforms. The high-performance, leading and professional trading system of coinoval has a mature technical architecture and the use of top-level servers, providing international private line data services. , Rich practical experience in protection, to provide multiple layers of three-dimensional protection for the exchange. The coinoval team has many years of experience in the financial and high-tech fields in terms of risk control, provides strategic consulting services for a large number of high-tech companies, and provides core services for many financial institutions. It has a very strong global strategic operation capability and rich financial risks. Control management experience. Technically, data security is ensured through underlying technologies such as a two-factor account encryption system, currency shield detection and warning system, and dual database cross-validation; a professional multi-layer multi-cluster security architecture, multi-level firewall protection, real-time security situation awareness, and abnormal market warning Monitoring, multi-dimensional reduction of user asset risk, and protection of the interests of investors.

Coinoval integrates technology and strength. It has the world's top technical team, risk control evaluation team and operation team. The team includes the blockchain and financial fields from Japan, South Korea, the United States, Malaysia, and China. It is highly professional, creative, and efficient. The elite team has many years of experience in platform operation and system research and development, and has also participated in the construction of multiple blockchain development major projects and international digital asset trading platforms. Coinoval integrates digital asset resources to create a new ecosystem, focuses on blockchain asset trading platforms, provides users with more secure and convenient blockchain asset circulation services, and closely meets the needs of users in the mobile Internet era. Provide safe, stable and convenient blockchain digital asset exchange services to create a world-class blockchain digital asset exchange.

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